Moloko bar and the white space

Artistic creation by Helga Thomas. Photos by Michael Thomas.

From July 13
The Visual Lab presents Moloko bar, an exhibition dedicated to the act of exploring the semiotic language of shapes and concepts.

The cover image: Backbone -oneness of pieces, is one of eight works created in stone plaster.  (2017) Helga Thomas© 

A reflection on the theme of race and Haiko impulse quietly unfolding social constructed themes. Devoted to shape and sculpture the lab experiments with aesthetics and reception of tactile sculpture.

2017 DK, Partners

The centerpiece of this exhibition is Partners (2017), a display of a metaphor and the symbiotic relationship between female and male, black and white, and other social constructed oppositions.

2017 DK, 37 shades of color

The piece 37 shades of color address two important arguments in the discussion of race. To bring out the logic of what we name color and what does not have color.
To address the whiteness, where people skin are connected to the concept of colors and linked to different ideas about class, rank and privileges in society.